Invest in Guelph

Real Estate Investment opportunities in Guelph

Family Rental Home

Finding the perfect home can be exciting and fun!  But when finding one for a rental the numbers also have to make sense!  Will it have monthly cash flow?  Am I buying in the right area?  This is research that can be done with your Realtor before purchasing the property.

Student Rental

Renting to students by the room can be a profitable form of real estate investing.   This additional income may come with additional headaches.  But if done correctly the additional income can be worth the additional work.

Multi-Family Apartment building

Purchasing a multi family apartment building will likely cash flow better on a monthly basis.  Also consider driving to one building to look at your sixteen units as opposed to driving to 16 separate rentals all across the city!  However this comes with additional considerations such as management companies and commercial financing.

Guelph Real Estate Investing

Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine - November/December 17 issue.

"Guelph is one of the gems of Ontario.  The cleanliness and safety it provides is virtually unmatched in most communities of its size.   Its mix of students, families and well-paid professionals has not only helped to maintain a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, but it has also established the city as one of Ontario's  most attractive rental markets".

New Build Speculation

This is most common in condo units.   Owners purchase the unit while in construction and sell upon completion usually years later and collect the appreciation.   A realtor can help check condo agreements to ensure transfer of ownership can be done at owners discretion.   What happens if values go down before completion?   Consider renting for mortgage paydown until housing prices increase!

Turn one unit into two

Bungalows are perfect candidates for this.  Finding the right house which can be turned into two legal units, can create an impressive increase in value!  Consider reselling or collecting the additional rent from a second unit!

Fix and Flip

You can't turn on the TV without seeing a fix and flip show.   They make it look easy!   We'll of course there can always be pitfalls which aren't shown on tv.  Be sure to do your research and have a good Realtor to help you find the deals the city has to offer.  The "BRRR" strategy can be a great tool for your tool box (Buy, Renovate, Refinance, and Rent)

Money Sense Magazine - June 24th, 2020.

"Strong economic fundamentals helped Guelph, Ont., top the MoneySense Where to buy now ranking. Plus, despite the value found in Guelph’s real estate, average home prices are still less than $530,000."